We aim to support schools in Hemel Hempstead with the following:

  • Curriculum based RE lessons
  • Creative reflection and prayer spaces
  • Extra- curricular clubs at lunch time or after school.


We have been working with local organisation STEP from St Albans to deliver curriculum based RE lessons that are fun, interactive and provide a Christian perspective.

Some example lessons are:

    A courtroom-style activity helps students think about what constitutes a just punishment. They explore, through verses from the Bible, how the concepts of grace and forgiveness might affect a Christian’s attitude towards criminals.
    Students think about why people have been using art for millennia to express their faith and look at examples, before having a go at expressing their own personal moments of awe and wonder as miniature works of art.
    Students debate with each other some of the most fundamental questions of life, including ‘Does God exist?’, ‘How did life begin?’ and ‘Is there a purpose to life?’.
    A fun, audio-visual lesson that explores the Christian views on relationships, marriage and sex.

If this is something your school would be interested in us visiting to provide, please do not hesitate to be in touch.

Regarding feedback from the Year 8 lessons on suffering, the response from staff and students was wonderful. The students really enjoyed having different people deliver the lessons and the staff noticed when they were marking their assessments that there was a significant improvement in their answers regarding to suffering compared to the calibre of the answers we got last year.

A Selleck- Head of RE at Hemel Hempstead School, Nov 2022


Having a reflection and prayer space in your school will provide students with the opportunity to learn about the Christian faith and have the freedom to creatively reflect on their beliefs, improving the spiritual development of pupils as outlined by Ofsted (2018).

‘I don’t know what it is, but I find this room so relaxing.  
I just don’t want to leave.’

Year 11 Student

What we can offer your school:
A unique R & P space in a room of your choice that each class could experience and engage with. The space could also be open and staffed during lunchtimes and after school to allow students to revisit the space if they wanted more time there.

What we will need from you:

We will need a room suitable for the prayer space that we set up and leave set up for the duration of our time in your school. Please note due to the amount of preparation the prayer space can take to set up and pack down, will recommend having it used for a minimum of three days and a maximum of five days.


Lunch time or after school clubs are accessible to everyone. The clubs are a great time for students to make friends, play games and learn a bit about the christian faith in a safe space.

Current school clubs are listed below:

THE SUMMIT at Kings Langley School


Our club runs Wednesdays 12.55pm in room F109! If you’re a pupil, do come and meet us for a chat, snacks, questions and some fun down-time. We’d love to hear your thoughts about life’s big issues as well as other stuff too.

CONNECT CLUB at Hemel Hempstead School


This established club run by South Hill Church offers a relaxed space to chat and chill with friends, enjoy games and snacks and have a look at the Christian faith. All year groups are welcome. The club is led by SHC Children’s Pastor Anna Nick and Youth Leader Sorrel Harden.

Other clubs

We’ d love to set up more lunchtime clubs so if you’d like to see one in your school, do get in touch by emailing, and we’ll do what we can to get one up and running.